oysters on ice

Black Friday, Oysters!

Sure, Black Friday deals are great, but the best deal happens every day here at Bungalow! From 5-6pm oysters are just $1! Stop by after your shopping day and join us for Oyster Hour!

staff pic

Giving Thanks

This week is all about giving thanks, and we are so thankful for our hard working crew! S/o to the amazing people who keep the oysters coming, the kitchen cooking, and the drinks pouring day in & day out.

burrata with persimmons

Burrata with persimmons

What’s better than the weekend? New Bungalow menu items! 😄 You’re lookin’ at burrata with persimmons, pomegranate, spiced pecans, prosciutto & sage-pecan pesto.  Hungry yet?!

glass of bourbon

Bourbon – keeping it simple

Keep it simple with a strong glass of bourbon or shake things up with a fancy cocktail! Whatever you’re after, our bartenders will hook you up

Bungalow 44 restaurant inside

Join the party

Weekend we are ready for you. Join the party! Where will you be sitting?

outside fireside B44

eating fireside

Earlier sunsets aren’t so bad if it means we get more of this view 😍 Ask about eating fireside next time you party with us!

Paper Plane signature cocktail

Paper Plane signature cocktail

Our Paper Plane signature cocktail is what you need to quench your thirst this Thursday 😊 Made with bourbon, aperol, amaro, and lemon – cheers!

hamachi poppers

hamachi poppers

Hands up if you agree hamachi poppers are the absolute best way to start a new week or any meal for that matter

oysters on ice

Dollar Oysters, 5-6pm

Load up this plate with however many oysters you’re feelin’ for just a dollar a pop, 5-6pm every day

salmon dip

smoked salmon dip

There’s no denying any appetizer involving bread is a good call. But toasty bread with our smoked salmon dip is next level stuff! Be sure to put this one on your order next time and we promise you’ll have #noregrets