fancy mule cocktail

Fancy Mules

Fridays and fancy mules, two of our favorite things. Cheers to the start of the weekend! Who will we be seeing soon??

Truffle Fries

It’s Truffle Fries Tuesday :->

It’s Truffle Fries Tuesday in Marin! While our truffle fries do deserve their own hashtag, the truth is, we would take a heaping serving of these any day of the week sounds good and all. Care to join?

Bar staff serving drinks

It’s a Friday feeling

Any hour is happy hour at a bar this cool 😎 Join us and fuel that Friday feeling with us at Bungalow 44

tall cocktail

Tall Drink Tuesday?

Is #TallDrinkTuesday a thing? … well we’re going to celebrate it anyway 😜 Care to join?

Bungalow 44 bar

Look at our bar!

After one (or a few) drinks from our bar, you’ll be Friday feeling it in no time 😜🍸 So… what’ll it be? And who will you be with??

other side of the pillow drink

The Other Side of the Pillow

It’s five o’clock somewhere which means it’s time for you to try “The Other Side of the Pillow” – Hendricks Gin // Aperol // Cucumber // Grapefruit // Rosemary! Bottom’s up! 🍸😋

bar staff

Shake it up with us

Shake it up with us ~after hours~ for your next private event 😏🍸 Find out how this glam bar can be yours for your next celebration, big or small: more about events/

kitchen staff

We love it here

All smiles in our kitchen here at the Bungalow 😆We can’t wait to see you and your smiling faces fill our dining room with positive vibes.

B44 patio dining

Perfect for parties

Are you seeing what we’re seeing?? That’s right, the perfect space for you and your fave people at your next private event! Find more details on parties anywhere from 12 to 120

time to eat

Time to eat!

What the clock says, goes! Don’t waste a second and come see us. Make a reservation here.