dollar oysters

Dollar Oysters

How many dollar oysters could you eat?? Bet you can’t top this!! But if you want to try, meet us at the Bungalow today from 5-6pm for a showdown

fresh halibut

The Freshest Fish

The freshest fish for your Wednesday night dining pleasure: halibut with artichoke, prosciutto, cauliflower, parmesan, and purslane 🤤 Add a glass of white wine from our stellar list, and you’ve got a summer evening well spent here at the Bungalow!!

shrimp tagliatelle

shrimp tagliatelle

Oh, how dreamy does this shrimp tagliatelle look? Just trying to give you something to look forward to this week. Come on in and see what else is new on the Bungalow menu!

toasting to summer

life is good, drinks are flowing

Cheers to evenings out on the patio – because it’s summer, life is good, drinks are flowing, and oysters are one dollar from 5-6pm. Let’s hang at the Bungalow tonight!!

crispy potatoes

Crispy Potatoes are calling

These crispy potatoes are exactly what you need right now! Book a table for tonight (if there are any left!!) – or just race in here after work to grab a seat at the bar!

B44 tables are ready

Perfect place for a cocktail

Doesn’t this look like the perfect place to end your Tuesday? And wait ’til you try a cocktail!! See you soon?

shrimp & scallop aguachile

shrimp & scallops…

This shrimp & scallop aguachile is exactly the way your weekend needs to start: chilies, avocado, kumquat, mint – sounds perfectly paired with a glass of white wine, our servers have all the best recommendations for you!

Our dining room and fireplace

New Dining Room

We are still stunned every time we look into the dining room and this is what we see. Come sit back, relax, enjoy a cocktail, and explore all the newness here at the Bungalow.

HAMACHI avocado, crispy rice cake, ponzu, fresno chilies

Try the Hamachi

One of our oh-so-good new menu items, HAMACHI avocado, crispy rice cake, ponzu, fresno chilies…