Bungalow 44 restaurant inside

Join the party

Weekend we are ready for you. Join the party! Where will you be sitting?

outside fireside B44

eating fireside

Earlier sunsets aren’t so bad if it means we get more of this view 😍 Ask about eating fireside next time you party with us!

Paper Plane signature cocktail

Paper Plane signature cocktail

Our Paper Plane signature cocktail is what you need to quench your thirst this Thursday 😊 Made with bourbon, aperol, amaro, and lemon – cheers!

hamachi poppers

hamachi poppers

Hands up if you agree hamachi poppers are the absolute best way to start a new week or any meal for that matter

oysters on ice

Dollar Oysters, 5-6pm

Load up this plate with however many oysters you’re feelin’ for just a dollar a pop, 5-6pm every day

salmon dip

smoked salmon dip

There’s no denying any appetizer involving bread is a good call. But toasty bread with our smoked salmon dip is next level stuff! Be sure to put this one on your order next time and we promise you’ll have #noregrets

fancy mule cocktail

Fancy Mules

Fridays and fancy mules, two of our favorite things. Cheers to the start of the weekend! Who will we be seeing soon??

Truffle Fries

It’s Truffle Fries Tuesday :->

It’s Truffle Fries Tuesday in Marin! While our truffle fries do deserve their own hashtag, the truth is, we would take a heaping serving of these any day of the week sounds good and all. Care to join?

Bar staff serving drinks

It’s a Friday feeling

Any hour is happy hour at a bar this cool 😎 Join us and fuel that Friday feeling with us at Bungalow 44

tall cocktail

Tall Drink Tuesday?

Is #TallDrinkTuesday a thing? … well we’re going to celebrate it anyway 😜 Care to join?