Burrata with persimmons

What’s better than the weekend? New Bungalow menu items! 😄 You’re lookin’ at burrata with persimmons, pomegranate, spiced pecans, prosciutto & sage-pecan pesto.  Hungry yet?!

hamachi poppers

Hands up if you agree hamachi poppers are the absolute best way to start a new week or any meal for that matter

It’s Truffle Fries Tuesday :->

It’s Truffle Fries Tuesday in Marin! While our truffle fries do deserve their own hashtag, the truth is, we would take a heaping serving of these any day of the week sounds good and all. Care to join?

Time to eat!

What the clock says, goes! Don’t waste a second and come see us. Make a reservation here.

Beets & blackberries

Beets & blackberries, a match made in heaven! Don’t believe us? Reserve a table for the weekend & find out!

Heirloom tomato season!

Heirloom tomato season is short but sweet – come make the most of it with seasonal, delicious dishes here at the Bungalow!

Tuna Carpaccio

Something light & share-able sound good to you? Our Tuna Carpaccio with pickled watermelon, sriracha aioli, and micro cilantro is just what you need! Check out the other new additions to our menu here

Cajun Boudin

The Perfect Starter… Cajun Boudin with Pickled Onions and Whole Grain Mustard

Ringing in 2018

Cheers to you and your loved ones, as we ring in 2018! #we❤️ourregulars #bungalow44 #marin#millvalley #bungalow44 #bestteamever