martini and oysters

Martini and Oysters

Two of our favorite things in one picture đźŤ¸Friendly reminder… from 5-6 tonight, those oysters you see are just $1

B44 cocktails

Whatever you’re drinking to this weekend, when you raise your glass, make sure it’s filled with a Bungalow cocktail 

Sound Panels!

Sound panels are going up and the rugs are going down 👌 Just making the best dining room in Mill Valley even better… Who wants to come test out the effects?

Oyster feast

How to feast at Bungalow 🤤 Swing by with your crew to see if you can tackle more than 30 oysters in one sitting 😲

lime, vodka mule

When life gives you limes, add vodka and make a mule 😜 (That is how the saying goes, right??)

steak tartare

A plate perfect for sharing… or not 🤔 join us this weekend for your own plate of steak tartare served with gruyere crostini

Order Up

Order up! Step 1 to make sure these yummy dishes make it to your table: hit that reservations button


No complaints about tomorrow being Monday as long as this is on our table tonight 

Best of Marin – time to vote

Friendly reminder that voting for Marin’s Best is still open and our Kickin’ Fried Chicken counts in the take out category!…/P…/Best-of-Marin-County-2019/

Drink time

That could be your drink in the shaker 😏 Come on over and we’ll make it happen.


Them: Close your eyes and find your happy place. Us: Pictures being fireside at Bungalow with a drink in one hand and an oyster in the other. 

weekend plans

We may be a ~bit~ biased, but we’re pretty sure this is what dining room dreams are made of 👌 Tag your crew below to drop a hint about some potential weekend plans.

Join the party

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and that somewhere happens to be here 😉 Swing by and join the party!

Vote for Marin Magazine’s Best

We LOVE serving you, and if you like what we serve, give us a vote for Marin Magazine’s Best of County for Best Burger, Bar, and Takeout Dining! 😊 Vote Best-of-Marin-County-2019/