Dollar Oysters, 5-6pm

Load up this plate with however many oysters you’re feelin’ for just a dollar a pop, 5-6pm.

smoked salmon dip

There’s no denying any appetizer involving bread is a good call. But toasty bread with our smoked salmon dip is next level stuff! Be sure to put this one on your order next time and we promise you’ll have #noregrets

Treat Yourself

Pretty sure when they say “treat yourself,” they mean order some scallops from Bungalow, or anything on our menu for that matter. Treat yourself this Friday and kick off your long weekend with us!

Dollar Oysters …

Is there any better way to soak in summer nights than fireside with a few dollar oysters (5-6pm, M-Th)? We think not!

hamachi appetizer

The secret to our hamachi appetizer? That crispy rice cake! Check our updated menu to see what else we’ve got for you this summer!

short ribs!

Finishing touches going on our short rib dish – the perfect finishing touch to your week! Come to see us for something hearty, delicious, and weekend supper-worthy.

Butterscotch Pudding

You don’t need a reason to treat yo self, but we have a few for you: it’s summer and you just deserve this butterscotch pudding with freshly-made whipped cream and toffee crunch


Halibut, or shrimp tagliatelle? The hardest decision you’ll make today!! (Hopefully 😉) Come in and try one of our new menu items – we are so excited to share them with you.

Dollar Oysters

How many dollar oysters could you eat?? Bet you can’t top this!! But if you want to try, meet us at the Bungalow today from 5-6pm for a showdown

The Freshest Fish

The freshest fish for your Wednesday night dining pleasure: halibut with artichoke, prosciutto, cauliflower, parmesan, and purslane 🤤 Add a glass of white wine from our stellar list, and you’ve got a summer evening well spent here at the Bungalow!!

shrimp tagliatelle

Oh, how dreamy does this shrimp tagliatelle look? Just trying to give you something to look forward to this week. Come on in and see what else is new on the Bungalow menu!

Crispy Potatoes are calling

These crispy potatoes are exactly what you need right now! Book a table for tonight (if there are any left!!) – or just race in here after work to grab a seat at the bar!

shrimp & scallops…

This shrimp & scallop aguachile is exactly the way your weekend needs to start: chilies, avocado, kumquat, mint – sounds perfectly paired with a glass of white wine, our servers have all the best recommendations for you!

Try the Hamachi

One of our oh-so-good new menu items, HAMACHI avocado, crispy rice cake, ponzu, fresno chilies…

We’re BACK!

We’re Back! Join us for Oysters, Cocktails, Small Plates and More! Make your Reservations today!